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The Brothers Grimm Present: Cinderella - The Barn Theatre REVIEW

The Barn in Cirencester brings a darker side to festive shows this Christmas with their offering of The Brothers Grimm presents: Cinderella.

Glass slippers have been swapped for sequined Converse shoes and perfect fairytale endings now include severed toes and banishment, oh and we lose a few woodland creatures along the way too.

We first meet the famous German duo The Brothers Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm who guide us through their version of the famous fairytale - spoiler, it’s not as we know it...

Photo by Alex Tabrizi

The musical play is wrapped in upbeat, delicious melodies from a clarinet, double bass, accordion and violins with composition by Tarek Merchant. All the actors are as talented with one, if not multiple, instruments as well as in their singing and acting.

The songs aren’t too memorable but will have you smiling and clapping along by the end, leaving you with that fuzzy feeling to keep you warm on the cold drive home.

Photo by Alex Tabrizi

Each member of the cast is oozing with talent but special mentions must go to Jesse Ashby for his bearded stepmother and the troublesome step-sisters Emily Panes and Anna Fordham. Tanya Bridgeman as Cinderella may be the focus but this cast of seven all worked equally hard to conjure up as much magic as possible.

The comedy is whimsical and joyful, with fart jokes for the kids, witty lines for the parents and slapstick humour that all can enjoy. There is even the occasional panto-esque moment, just in case you were having withdrawal symptoms.

Photo by Alex Tabrizi

Lighting and special effects excel, with well-utilised smoke and projection teamed on the set. The storytelling is always imaginative and evocative at The Barn and their technical team are a vital part of bringing the direction and vision to life.

I’m not sure how clear the plot of this play would have been for a younger mind, but all the family are bound to be entertained this Christmas thanks to this fairytale with a twist.

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