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Driving Miss Daisy - The Barn Theatre REVIEW

It’s not an exaggeration to say that half the audience left the Barn Theatre on press night for Driving Miss Daisy, with a tear (or several) in their eye.

If you’ve ever had a slightly eccentric elderly parent or grandparent or experienced a family member struggling with dementia then you’ll be hit hard by this play.

With it’s stripped back set and minimal props, this production lets the actors shine. First we meet the stubborn and fiercely independent Daisy Werthen. Soon into the story she meets Hoke (Mensah Bediako) who is hired by her son Boolie (John Sackville) to be her driver after she crashes her car. It is a total joy to have an insight into the relationship between Miss Daisy and Hoke, which is a little rocky at first, but by the end they are thick as thieves.

We watch them age together over the span of around 20 years. Tracey and Bediako both are beautifully subtle with their changes as the characters age. The story is a strong reminder that the vibrancy in life comes from our relationships and people we surround ourselves with, and emphasises just how important it is to value them.

The entirety of the play was intimate and gently simplistic yet highly engaging. The performances from all three cast members was outstanding and enhanced further by the direction and purposeful minimal distractions.

This show will bring every emotion softly bubbling to the surface and leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart and a strong urge to visit your grandparents.

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