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Post-lockdown list: Shows I want to see once theatres reopen

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

With lockdown in full swing and no sign of a theatre reopening any time soon we are all pining to see our favourite shows once more. Here (in no particular order) is what I’m running to as soon as the theatres are open again.

Les Miserables

I already had tickets booked for the UK tour and if Coronavirus hadn’t crept along I would have been One Day More-ing till my hearts content by now! Alas… But as a major fan of the music, film, characters, story, I feel like a traitor for not seeing this production yet.

Come From Away

This is one I’ve wanted to see since the moment it arrived in the West End. It’s got a lot of hype around it so I’m hoping it will live up to the things I have heard. I’ve resisted listening to the soundtrack but somehow already know all the words to Welcome to the Rock!

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Okay maybe I’m gonna have to wait till I start crapping money to afford to go to this show but it’s firmly on my “To Watch” list. I feel like nobody has left this show unimpressed, even with the hefty price tag.

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie

After seeing a screening of this in the cinema and adoring it I knew I wanted to see it again live. But then Layton Wiliams, who I adore and think is perfect for the role of Jamie, was cast and I was all over it. Another show I had tickets booked for when it was due to come to Bristol Hippodrome. Luckily this tour has been rescheduled and hopefully I will be able to see the show in October.


I feel like this is production that EVERYONE has seen, except me. Even my own family went to see it when I was busy one night… Definitely going to try and get cheap rush tickets when in London at some point.

Singing in the Rain

This classic musical?! At Sadlers Wells?! With the legendary Adam Cooper?! HECK YES PLEASE! I’d love to see this although I’m not sure if there has been any announcement on the plans for this show as it was due to open for a limited 5-week run at the venue beginning in July. I'll certainly be keeping an eye out.

School of Rock

I almost saw this production as I managed to get cheap tickets on the lottery but I never managed to make it there. This is another one where I have unintentionally discovered the music and particularly loved Stick It To The Man.

Be More Chill

I know very little about this musical, but it’s caught my attention enough to add it to my list. Maybe this isn't where I’ll be headed first but I am definitely interested in seeing it.

Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s Cinderella

A newer musical and one that may not open for some time but once it does, I am there! Starring the brilliant Carrie Hope Fletcher who I have followed and loved since her early days in Les Mis. Team her up with ALW's edgy take on a classic fairytale and I am very intrigued by this!

Hello Dolly

This is the one I worry for. Booked to open in August this year at the Adelphi I fear this may have to be pushed back or changed. I bought my tickets for November but I doubt that it will go ahead. Hello Dolly is possibly my all time favourite musical and to see it with Immedla Staunton would be quite something. Fingers crossed this all works out.

With the future of the UK’s theatre scene uncertain, I can only hope that things don’t completely crumble. West End producer Sonia Friedman has warned that 70% of performing arts companies will close by Christmas if there is no government rescue package.

This week the Government announced it was setting up an Entertainment and Events Working Group to find solutions to opening venues and businesses safely, but whether that will be enough, only time will tell.

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