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8 ways to keep theatre alive during lockdown

Missing theatre? Feeling like there is no light at the end of the tunnel? (That is an unintentional Starlight Express reference). I've compiled a whole list of things to keep you feeling stagey with the West End in blackout...

Open your ears

You may not be able to watch any theatre but you can still close your eyes and try to relive it! Most big shows have soundtracks online which you can belt away to until your heart’s content.

It may not be live but it can be just as good…

We really have been spoilt recently with recorded versions of shows from Hamilton popping up on Disney + to Andrew Lloyd Webber filling up The Show Must Go On YouTube channel with his most iconic shows. And then there are the weekly releases of the National Theatre productions which I can barely keep up with. I haven’t even mentioned the independent releases from theatres such as The Other Palace and The Gate Theatre. Sky Arts has plenty too, and Broadway HD... options are endless!

Join the conversation

Console with your fellow thespians! We’re a friendly bunch and are always up for a natter or a debate over our favourite shows. There are some great Facebook groups around, my favourites include Theatre Nerds Backstage and The Musical Theatre Appreciation Society.

Do your bit…

Getting active in supporting the theatre community will give you a warm fuzzy feeling as well as doing some good for the theatre world you know and love. Why not sign petitions and write to your MP for more funding, donate to charities and theatres and subscribe to newsletters and publications like The Stage.

Treat yourself!

One of the other ways you can support the industry (and look cool whilst doing it) is by treating yourself to some merchandise. The Show Must Go On t-shirts have been a serious hit but you can also get individual show merchandise which helps boost the industry as well as your theatre reputation!

Put pen to paper

I know a lot of people that read my blog are bloggers themselves, so I may be preaching to the choir but letting your creative juices flow is a great way to enjoy theatre other than watching it. As well as blog posts or reviews, you could try writing scripts or monologues, maybe even get chatty and start a podcast.

Level up your musical skills

With more and more musicians/actors featuring in shows such as Once and Beautiful: The Carole King Musical, it’s a good time to get ahead of the game and pick up the violin from the cupboard under the stairs. Dusting off the recorder from primary school or getting a fellow trumpetter to give you a few Zoom lessons could gain you an extra skill for your CV or simply be an enjoyable hobby.

Get excited about the future

Many shows are now rescheduling their tours and West End runs, so you can put those dates back in your diaries and restart the countdown (admittedly, it is slightly longer now). See what else will be returning to a stage near you and get booking tickets to bring back that theatre countdown excitement.

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