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Little Comets – The Komedia Bath REVIEW

As I am writing this it is exactly a year since I saw Little Comets first perform in The Fleece in Bristol. Therefore I thought it only appropriate that I write up my thoughts on their recent concert which I saw on 19th February. Seeing them for the second time definitely did not make the experience any less spectacular. They are one of my favourite bands and I have loved them dearly for many years, however I will still give an honest opinion and not be blinded by my fangirl infatuation.

As I was attending the concert with two very laid back boys it won’t be a shock for me to say that we turned up an hour after the doors opened. When we walked into the venue I was met with a multitude of small surprises. Firstly the hall was gorgeous, beautifully open and ornate. Secondly the bar wasn’t overcrowded and propping up several intoxicated teens. Also the drinks weren’t horrifically over priced that you ended up spending more on beer than the ticket. And finally I was met with a familiar sound.

The support act Hippo Campus are, in the nicest way possible, the American version of Little Comets. They knew how to work the crowd despite their cheesy occasional shouts of “omg we love you guys” and “England rocks!!!” Their music is catchy, upbeat and happy, exactly what we needed to prepare for Little Comets. I actually have listened to a track or two of theirs and would highly recommend having a look at “Suicide Saturday”. The one thing that did make me chuckle was the typical boyband headgear/hairstyles they had adopted. With one with the floppy hair in his face, one with a beanie, one with serious bed head and one with the floppy fringe they had all possible boy band looks covered.

They did a very decent set and then Little Comets brought out a cake for a band member and sang happy birthday which was sweet. As we waited for 9 o’clock to arrive and the boys to come on, I noticed that the music playing between acts is a vital part of the gig. The Komedia had got it spot on. Catfish and the Bottlemen mixed with Beyonce and a touch of Come On Eileen kept energy high, dancing consistent and the time fly by.

They opened with an upbeat number and then continued to flit between fast dance songs and slow tender songs. Their guitar riffs and strong beats kept us all hooked for the entire hour. The set was dynamic, incorporating old and new songs which kept all the audience happy. Syncopated yet beautifully simple melodies along with heartfelt vocals and lyrics are just on element that make this band stand miles above the rest of indie. You could hear a pin drop in songs such as “Violence Out Tonight” where as in contrast, I thought we were going to through the floor jumping around to “Dancing Song” and “One Night In October”. My personal highlight was hearing my favourite song “Adultery” being so vibrantly played with endless energy and enthusiasm. I may have done a little internal squeal when I heard the opening bars.

This feel good indie band are guaranteed to get you grinning and tapping your feet whilst simultaneously getting lost in their lyrics. With 3 incredible albums under their belt I don’t doubt there is more to come.

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