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Tape Face – Cheltenham Literature Festival REVIEW

Another month in Cheltenham means another festival. I was particularly excited about The Hobgoblin Cheltenham Comedy Festival. My university had rallied the troops to watch ‘The Boy With Tape On His Face’ at the Parabola Arts Centre. As soon as we found our seats, I realised no one was safe.

New Zealand’s Sam Wills, oozed stage presence as he bumbled around the stage prior to the show. The


Looking back on older clips of his work, you can see Wills has really refined his act. He gives meaning to every tiny element of his work, a chuckle


The show in itself is inexplicably random, wonderfully ridiculous and downright barmy. Based around keeping boredom at bay until show time, the sporadic sequence of skits needs no structure as each section stands alone from the others. His



Catch him on his tour:

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