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Marry Me A Little - The Barn REVIEW

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

The Barn Theatre has built itself up based on strong morals, a tight-knit community and quality creatives. For it to be able to burst out of the restrictions of a pandemic with it’s first show (Private Peaceful) heading to the West End and the second starring two of the hottest names in musical theatre, speaks volumes.

Photo credit - Eve Dunlop

This revival of Stephen Sondheim’s Marry Me A Little, is a one-act musical revue featuring songs from Follies, Company and more. Celinde Schoenmaker and Rob Houchen star as the newly-separated heart-broken lovers, divided by their differences.

The set is fractured into two, symbolising the relationship we watch unfold. Each half of the stage is a different New York apartment, a different life and a different side of the story.

Photo credit - Eve Dunlop

A screen popping up with texts and instagram feeds modernises the tale and helps solidify the story, thanks to the fresh direction from Kirk Jameson.

A few songs were lost but many memorable moments came from the titular number, ‘There Won’t Be Trumpets’ and ‘Can That Boy Foxtrot’ which Rob and Celinde performed with feeling and charm. They are both utterly enchanting and totally engaging.

Photo credit - Eve Dunlop

Their voices effortlessly hit every note. It almost felt like they couldn’t quite belt to their potential given the small size of the venue and the fact that the audience probably values their hearing!

The hour passes so fast and before you know it, it’s time to say goodbye to the endearing pair, no matter how badly you want them to keep singing into the night.

Whether you’re a Sondheim fan or not, the opportunity to see these two powerhouses perform together should not be missed.

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