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Krater Comedy Club – Komedia Bath REVIEW

Hen’s and Stag’s came from all across the UK to celebrate their final few moments of freedom before entering into marriage. Groups from Manchester, Birmingham and Gloucester had congrugated in Bath for an evening of merriment and many, many drinks. Like me, they had decided to kick off their Saturday evening at the Krater Comedy Club at the Komedia. 

The night consisted of three acts and a compère. With enough variety to keep you interested but enough similarities to appeal to the audience this line up was a good mix.

Hosting the evening was MC Alex Boardman who took the lead of terrorising the Stag’s and Hen’s. His quick wit and light hearted banter was enough to keep the audience on their toes but also packed with brutal insults.

Alex Boardman

He introduced the first act of Rob Mulholland who walked on and immediately started self-deprecating his hipster look. His humour is in your face and unignorable, with some jokes maybe becoming a little too shouty for my taste. He is undeniably funny but it did occasionally feel like he was clutching at straws as his jokes escalated further and further. His material was original but often raised an eyebrow rather than a laugh with one of his stories ending with beastiality.


Next was Catherine Bohart who opened with two self identifiers of “I’m Irish” and “I like girls”. Out of all three of the performers she handled the drunken hecklers the most. Engaging with them and then shutting the back down so brilliantly they soon shut up. Almost all of her material was surrounding her sexuality, her girlfriend or sex toys but she did make a brilliant comparison of lesbian sex to cricket which may have been the most well received joke of the night.

Catherine Bohart

Closing the evening was the charismatic Stefano Paolini. At ease on stage, he seemed relatable but not in a try-hard way. His set was the most unique and memorable with his beatboxing stunning the audience and his impressions impressing. His Samuel L. Jackson was a clear favourite of mine. He closed the show with a series of phrases in different languages but with different UK region accents, for example the Japanese language in an Irish accent or the Italian language in a Brummie accent. He switched between these with such pace and had the audience in stitches on final time.

Stefano Paolini
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