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Glengarry Glen Ross – Cheltenham Everyman REVIEW

Glengarry Glen Ross is a expletive filled production where they don’t necessarily do a lot but do talk a lot…

The two halves of the production are split into pre and post robbing of the office that the characters work at as salesmen. The first act involves three conversations between six men in a Chinese restaurant, explaining their backgrounds, motivations and attitudes in subtle yet clear way. The second is set in a ransacked office as they accuse and panic in the situation they all find themselves in.

The audible gasps from the audience as the curtain rose on the second half said it all. The transformation from a Chinese restaurant to messy office was incredible. The amount of detail was amazing and I simply have no idea how they did that in just 20 minutes.

The highlight of this production is an incredible cast led by the well known Mark Benton and Nigel Harman (google them, you’ll definitely know them!) The entire cast was strong, making what could have been a simple and swear word filled evening so interesting, passionate and funny.

The dialogue is certainly not for the faint hearted. With this production attracting an older Cheltenham audience I could feel some of the disappointed and offended members around me tut as expletives and swear words were thrown around both carelessly and with such power behind them. Personally, I loved the grit the language brought and it was used with purpose and to great effect, but I imagine not everyone was impressed…

This play makes you love and hate the characters instantly as you are whisked into their world of pressure and sales targets. You’re taught the jargon of a salesmen as you listen which draws you closer to these larger than life characters, even the ones that say very little verbally, connect so easily to the audience.

Glengarry Glen Ross is a brilliant play, with a great script enhanced by a stellar cast displaying such high calibre of acting. But if you’re offended by rude language, maybe give this one a miss…

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