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Fame – Bristol Hippodrome REVIEW

“FAME! I’m gonna live forever!” Wait, do I want that? Not if it means I have to sit through that show again…

Fame follows a performing arts school in New York in the 80s. If you’ve not seen the film or tv show you would have definitely heard the iconic song. Fame is just that, iconic, but this production sadly did not follow suit.


The other iconic element is the toe touching split jump. I felt both this and the main song weren’t given the time and attention they deserve, especially when the rest of the other songs in the musical are so forgettable.

They firstly did a strange remix version of Fame (I’m gonna live forever) halfway through the show. They did do it in the finale but I felt it could have been better utilised throughout.


I enjoyed the feisty character of Carmen, played by Stephanie Rojas and for a ‘celebrity casting’ Jorgie Porter was surprisingly good as Iris. I also thought the onstage musicians were brilliant.

The rest of the cast were regrettably forgettable. They could all sing well, but the acting left me feeling very little and dancing was sloppy, especially the fake tap dancing… I hate fake tap dancing.


For a show that’s all about the dancing, it was pretty poor and I felt it lacked energy from all. The ballet was painful to watch and hardly any of the ensemble work was in sync, with always someone out of time, it looked more than messy.

The lights were more dazzling than the dance moves, with choreography lacking inspiration and dancers lacking any star quality.


This show attempted comedy but it mostly felt a little cheap and uncomfortable. The unintelligent humour was overplayed by certain characters leaving scenes with mismatched tones and a feeling of discontentment in the air.

This show is really not worth seeing I’m afraid. As a dance lover I have been left disappointed after a dated, flat and lacklustre show.

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