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Alabama 3 Acoustic – Bath Komedia REVIEW

Alabama 3 graced the Komedia Bath on April 18 with the opening night of their acoustic tour.

Armed with just a guitar and harmonica and backed up by two female backing singers the band were left without their usual spectacle. They had to let their music do the talking without their usual familiar electronic sound.

The evening began with two girls from the Voodoo People. Both with thick velvety voices who sang an arrangement of original material accompanied by electric guitar.

They may have forgot their tambourine but their effortless yet powerful voices filled the Komedia, pleasing the audience and setting the tone for the evening.

They ended their set with a performance including one of the members of Alabama 3 on bass guitar. Their memorable tunes with gorgeous harmonies made for easy listening.

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Alabama 3 entered to joyous applause. A small but select crowd of true fans had turned up to support them. Their set consisted of their much loved tunes turned acoustic which is a bold move for a group who are described as an ‘electronic band’. However their new spin on old classics proved a hit. 

Frontman and lead vocals Larry Love a.k.a Rob Spragg kept his banter strong as he threw around controversial statements on politics and STDs right from the start. The crowd obviously were no stranger to this and his jokes were well received.

Larry’s gravelly vocals were accompanied by Nick Reynolds melodies on harmonica. They managed to keep their rebellious energy even through a calmer acoustic set.

There were a fair few technical difficulties, as expected with it being their opening night, but the band gave the audience what they wanted (a stripped back version of their music) leaving them singing and smiling long into the evening.

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