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Rehearsal For Murder – Cheltenham Everyman REVIEW

It may be difficult to write this review without giving away too much. But as I have a heavy hatred of spoilers I shall refrain from letting you know the ending. This is all you need to know. A playwright’s fiance, Monica, dies and a year later the playwright, Alex, decides to get everyone back together that was there the night she passed. It seems as though he is just riddled with guilt and grief to begin with but as the story unfolds you see just how clever he is being.

Clever is definitely the ongoing theme throughout the play. I obviously knew it was a murder mystery and the ending wasn’t going to be straight forward, but I did not expect what came at the end. Everything was neatly tied up and taken care off, seemed simple after everything was revealed. Clever, clever, clever.

One element I loved was seeing how the characters changed from the night of the death to the day they all returned. It was such a nice extra little twist and made the play seem very realistic. It made you feel closer to the characters as you felt like you knew them longer as more time had passed. Again, clever.

“You scared me to death” line from Monica at the beginning of the play, made me chuckle. A little bit of cheesy foreshadowing never hurt eh? However I would of liked to have seen them make more of the actual death. I felt that even though that isn’t where the focus is meant to lie it could have had a little something more than lights flashing and Monica, played by Amy Robbins, falling to the floor.

An extremely consumable and satisfying piece to watch which left the audience content and chuckling.

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